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Reflect, Reframe, Reset. So, we’re midway through the first month of 2024. Did you establish any goals, aspirations, dreams, or intentions for this year?

My primary focus was on embracing the concept of health and directing attention to my business. However, up until this point, I’ve been contending with a virus and a persistent cough infection that has left me knocked out since Christmas. Moreover, unexpected circumstances have turned my life upside down, derailing me from my path.

So…feeling the need for a reset, are you in the same boat? If so, take a moment to reset with me.

Whether you kicked off the year with a bang or encountered unexpected hurdles, it’s time for a mid-January check-in, where challenges become stepping stones, and setbacks transform into setups for even greater success.

So, before we reset…


If, like me, you set goals for this year, perhaps it’s worth asking yourself if they are still relevant and worth pursuing. Take this moment for reflection, whether it’s doubling down on your initial aspirations, considering a revision, or setting an entirely new focus. The key is to ensure that your objectives align with your current priorities and aspirations. Here are my examples:

1. Health Triumphs:
  • What has gone well? Despite battling a lingering cough and infection, I managed to find moments of solace and ‘me time’ to recharge.
  • What have I achieved? I created a holistic health plan, addressing physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. Small victories, like incorporating mindful practices, have contributed to a more balanced well-being.
  • Can I celebrate? Absolutely! Celebrating the ability to adapt and nurture my health despite external challenges.
2. Business Game Plan:
  • What has gone well? In the realm of business, I successfully outlined a strategic plan for the upcoming months.
  • What have I achieved? Despite the unexpected twists, I stayed focused on my business goals, outlining concrete steps to steer it in the right direction.
  • Can I celebrate? Absolutely! Celebrating the resilience to stay on course and plan for future successes.


The next step is transforming your goal into an empowering question. Can you express your goal in a way that makes it powerful? Here are my examples:

Health Empowerment:

Shift from Negative: Why do I keep getting infections?
Empowering Reframe: How can I create a joyful environment that nurtures good health?
Personal Motivation: Shifting from a focus on problems to envisioning a positive environment propels me to take proactive steps. It’s not just about avoiding illness but actively cultivating well-being.

Business Plans:

Shift from Negative: Why are there so many unexpected twists in my business plans?
Empowering Reframe: What strategies can I implement to overcome unexpected challenges and steer my business toward success?
Personal Motivation: The shift in perspective transforms hurdles into opportunities for innovation. This question fuels my determination to navigate uncertainties with creativity and strategic thinking.

Personally, these empowering questions act as beacons of motivation. They guide me toward solutions, ignite excitement for the journey, and reinforce that every obstacle is a chance to grow and thrive. It’s not just problem-solving; it’s a mindset shift that turns challenges into stepping stones toward my aspirations.


To kickstart our reset, let’s keep it simple: Do a diary check and give yourself a big dose of self-kindness. It’s not about feeling sorry for ourselves but understanding that challenges are part of being human. It means treating ourselves with the same warmth we show to our friends. When resetting, self-compassion reminds us that setbacks don’t define us; our ability to grow and bounce back does. This approach sets the stage for mindful resetting. Embracing self-kindness doesn’t just affect us; it ripples into our relationships and work, creating an environment where challenges are met with grace. Cultivating self-compassion during resets isn’t just a pause; it’s a choice to build a resilient mindset, seeing challenges as stepping stones for growth.

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